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ADMG Enterprise is an international enterprise. We offer you a full and professional consulting service, trading service. We are also a specialist in property, Boat & Marine     and automotive.

There are a lot of investment and business opportunities in South East Asia. We may support you for your business. We speak also: German, French, Malay, Vietnamese.


ADMG Enterprise established Investment Department to help foreign businesses invest to South East Asia, especially to Vietnam, foster business developments in these new emerging markets, complement private business in management improvements and support European corporations access to these markets. ADMG Investment carries out its mission by:
  • Providing legal, corporate finance and corporate management services to help foreign companies in new Asian markets.
  • Providing finance to local enterprises through foreign loans or direct investment or raising funds.
  • Providing projects and professional project management.
  • Marketing supports for local companies to access to European markets.
  • Founding manufactures of export-oriented products to European markets.
Our Investment products:  
  • Property investment: ADMG will provide you all necessary services so that you can quickly access to these projects. Our advisory valuation will assure you profits on our projects.
  • Corporate investment: Our international corporate valuation method helps investors be able to make their right investment decisions, even in different ways to invest. We can help your company protect your oversea investments.
  • Investment on export-oriented products: We focus on establishing manufactures of export-oriented products to European markets. ADMG can help local companies expand globally and foreign companies  source their products effectively.
  • Leveraging your finance: ADMG can arrange for your company to access to international loans by raising capital, issuing guaranteed or non-guaranteed bonds, lending foreign funds with low interest rates.
  • Equity private funds in Vietnam: please contact us for proposals.
If you intend to invest in South East Asia or your local company expects to expand globally, please do not hesitate to contact us to achieve your goals.
ADMG Investment
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